vase/bowl in marble

limited edition of handmade unique pieces

One day, in spring, I wanted to inspire freedom of love…

Stylized drawing of 2 faces kissing each other, only visible from the top of the piece.

“Kiss” became a project where you can choose one single piece or form a couple with a pair facing each other.

Select the position (looking right or left), your partner (male or female), its color of skin (white, beige, pink, red, yellow black Rajasthan marble).…a nod to diversity and tolerance!

This vase/bowl can be used for fruits, flowers, objects…

Limited edition of unique pieces.

All creations are handmade, little differencies and imperfections can appear.


creation/production: 2018/2022

male dimensions: W 39,97 x 9,98 cm
male weight: 7,98 kg / 17,6 lb

female dimensions: W 39,97 x 9,98 cm
female weight: 10,97 kg / 24,18 lb

material: Rajastan marble, ...