angle beam

ting tong

brass ceiling chandelier

limited edition of handmade unique pieces

Series of sculptural ceiling lights seeming to emerge from the ceiling surface itself, in a beautiful ‘semi- hyperboloid’ shape.
 In polished brass (shiny or mate), or with copper or nickel plating, this unexpected ceiling light illuminates both the ceiling surface as well as the ground or dining area.

Its 2 LED lighting systems are dimmable with a remote, the center one equipped with a lense to narrow and concentrate its beam, creating a real theatrical shadow on the subject.

3 available sizes allow a variety of combinations and uses.
 Ting Tong finish is also available in black or white paint and custom finishes or colors.

Limited edition of unique pieces.

All creations are handmade, little differencies and imperfections can appear.


creation date: 2017/2019

structure material: brass
finishes: polished brass, copper or nickel plating, black or white paint;
other colors on request

model S dimensions: Ø70 x 20 cm
model S weight: 10 kg / 22 lb

model M dimensions: Ø90 x 25 cm
model M weight: 14,5 kg / 31,96 lb

model L dimensions: Ø110 x 30 cm
model L weight: 21 kg / 46,29 lb

light system: 2 LED lighting systems are dimmable with a remote