marcato grande

studio JPLT

«Marcato Grande» is a love at first sight …

The name of a place in the mountains above the Mediterranean Sea on the North-West coast of Sicily.

A large, remote land, overlooking the immense sea, where nature takes on its full meaning.

The strength of the Elements condition its future. The diverse plantings set around a small ruin transformed into a living atelier, a working studio create a fount of inspiration.

The internal space, which is more contemporary, speaks to technology and attention to detail. Straight lines and angles contrast with the exterior, where local stone, extracted from the fields nearby, clads the facade and blends with ambient minerality.

Each window and door frame the discovery of a specific landscape, of the surrounding beauty, which is softened by the curved lines of massive stones that form the frames’ irregular “passe-partout”.

All is designed to immerse the viewer in the landscape.

Seasons, rhythm, energy and nature in constant evolution.

“Marcato-Grande” will become the label of a multipurpose creative spirit, of multiple artistic collaborations…

creation date
2013 > 2015