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cubic root

modular storage cabinet

limited edition of handmade unique pieces

“Cubic root” is a collection of modular cubic storage units playing with two contrasting materials in an astonishing combination: the cubic units are clad with «telluric» metal skin and stand on transparent and illuminated legs.

Available in Brass or Aluminium (polished or nickel plated), the skins are textured in 3 different patterns, “Flesh”, “Network” or “Vein” each evoking states of matter solidification.

“flesh” is a solid brass cast of dried natural plant fiber of prickly pear cactus, visually similar to the muscle vascular/innervation system.

“network” is also a cast of Coral where the connections through the body members of this sea animal form a real network.

“vein” is another cast of Coral, structurally and visually close to the vascular system.

The legs are made of solid polyester and decorated with perforations that reflect a built-in, dimmable, LED light, and provide immaterial roots to the contrasting metal units.

Cubic Root units are available in 7 standard configurations, and several leg combinations are purposed for each category.
 Custom buildout available for accessories and mobile shelving.

Limited edition of unique pieces.

All creations are handmade, little differencies and imperfections can appear, each piece is unique.


creation date: 2017/20..

module dimensions: 40 x 40 x 40 cm
legs height: 40,0 cm, 60,0 cm, 80,0 cm

brass tiles weight: 54,0 kg / 119 lb
aluminium tiles weight: 36,0 kg / 79,36 lb

structure material: steel
tiles material: brass or aluminium
legs material: polyester or stainless steel