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cross the sea

side tables | 3 models
abalone and polyester

limited edition of 5 handmade unique pieces

Collection of side tables made with transparent light blue tops reminiscent of water featuring green details and Abalone mother of pearl legs. 
The different models have different designs and vary in height, width and leg shape. Handmade detailing is unique and specific to each work.

I am concerned about the preservation of the environment; the sea is a large part of it…
“Cross the sea” … Just an intuition, a slice of water trapped in a special “sea cross…”

The legs of these side tables are covered with one of the millions of hidden beauty treasures of the “transparent blue”.

Hundreds of little pieces of Abalone shell together, strong and precious, changing color permanently depending of light.

The top has inside colored stains…pollution, bacteria, plants, drown islands…

The vertical sides are giving infinite deep reflections…

Each work of this small collection of unique pieces has been a challenging handmade experience.

model 1

Disegni CTS Cross 1 Grey

Limited edition of 5 unique pieces.

All creations are handmade, little differencies and imperfections can appear.


creation/production: 2018/2021

dimensions: 50 x 50 x 50 cm
weight: 32,5 kg / 71,65 lb

top material: polyester
legs materials: wood covered with Abalone mother of pearl

CTS 1 model view

model sizes

model 1

model 2

model 3