about jplt

After graduating from 4 years of studies of scenography at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, I chose to express myself in the Event world. It deeply attracted me mainly because of its ephemeral and unique nature.  I achieved almost 600 scenographies worldwide, combining art direction and mise en scene from 1984 to 2014. These experiences brought me to entirely dedicate my work to Design in 2015.

Entertainment, communication and interactive relationships with numerous artists, craftsmen and technicians gave me the opportunity and ability to select, transform, enhance, and enliven exceptional natural, cultural and architectural sites.

I have a persistent desire to question the limit of convention in order to reach an innovative goal. My attempt consisted in immersing the subject in an unexpected universe, a contemporary, unusual and unique artistic emotion, thus leading the audience to become a key element of the process.

After many years of ephemerality, the necessity to create and embrace the “solid” emerged…It definitely became obvious when I discovered “Marcato Grande”. Located in Sicily, this mineral and plant universe, naturally imposed itself as my new workshop and place of inspiration.

From that moment, my research and reflection took a new direction. Powered by the energy and beauty of this land, elements appeared to be the strongest in an endless universal movement. This constant renewal opposed to urban chaos brought me closer than ever to human nature. The wide openness on environment in its everyday life led me to focus on inner spaces which provide an inextinguishable source of inspiration …

Living things reveal themselves in their structural and organic similarities: mineral, plant, human and animal, merge together in an unexpected and surprising harmony.
Design knows no boundaries in its function and form as it is an integral part of the subject…

Thanks to human’s hand, matter’s particularism brings the object its real identity. Creation of unique pieces or limited editions of furniture, lighting and object can instill new emotions and other sensations… Arrangements of all elements in architectural space tell new stories. The shapes become secondary, and artistic intent, apart from a discreet message or story, comes to evoke strength and beauty.