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After scenography studies at Paris ENSAD (Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs), I chose to express myself in the Event field, for its ephemeral and unique nature. I executed almost 600 scenographies, or mise-en-scene between 1984 and 2014 before fully dedicating my work to Design in 2015. These experiences in entertainment and communication, in the company of numerous artists, craftsmen and technicians allowed for me to, over the course of a few hours, select, transform, magnify, and enliven exceptional natural or cultural sites.
With a persistent desire to impress, question, and facilitate innovative discourse, I immersed the subject into a living setting, an unexpected universe, a contemporary artistic emotion, special, and unique, of which the Human is the pivot.
 Naturally, after so many years in the world of ephemerality, the creative need to embrace the “solid” materialized at the moment of discovering “Marcato Grande”, a mineral and plant universe, natural and spectacular, in Sicily, a truly living atelier, where I will work from now on.
It is a new impulse of research on a land where Elements, strength and the beauty of Nature, in permanent movement and permanent energy, far from urban chaos, bring me closer to the human being and the environment of its everyday life.
 Nature is an inexhaustible inspiration …
Matter and living things come across in their structural and organic similarities, Mineral, Vegetable, Human and Animal, meld together in their complexity.
Design is not limited to function and form, it is integrally part of the subject, its contradictions and barriers…
Thanks to the human hand, matter’s particularism brings the object its real identity. Creation of pieces of furniture, lighting and objet can instill new emotions, other sensations… Arrangement of all elements in architectural space then tellsnew stories, the “decorative” becomes secondary and artistic intent comes to evoke strength and beauty.


“Bagnolet” was the parisian refuge of more than 17 years of professional and personal life.

Ancient italian manufacture of medals, one year of restructuring works in technical collaboration with Isabelle Stanislas architect while maintaining the industrial character of the building, 40 tonnes of rubble to create in 1999 a contemporary and versatile urban space.

The architectural sobriety, the great volumes, the solar orientation, the garden and the calm of the district have participated in the optimization of many adventures.